'Biophilic Design' is a term used to describe the concept of connecting with nature within our own interior or built environment. Used on both a small residential scale or in a large scale urban city, nature, and plants in particular can improve our general well being, increase productivity and improve the quality of our air. 

We believe everyone can bring a little bit of biophilic design to their own space, in their home, on their balcony, or at the office, in their school or in their garden. We have chosen a collection of products to help make your space, however big or small, that little bit greener.

We have a range of house plants, pots and planters, as well as vertical planting solutions including living wall kits, living picture frames and pollution reducing ivy screens. We sell directly to the public, or if you have a commercial planting project you would like to discuss including office plants, large moss walls and living walls for commercial projects or if you would like to enquire about the 'Green My School' options, please visit our parent company website www.artigreen.co.uk

Urban Biophilic is a trading name of Arti Green Ltd