Clusia Rosea Green Magic - Autograph Tree

Clusia Rosea Green Magic - Autograph Tree

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The Clusia Rosea Green Magic otherwise known as the Autograph tree is fairly easy to care for house plant. This plant thrives in the West Indies and the Carribean and is at it's happiest with warmer humid conditions, so a light, bright room with the occasional misting will help this plant thrive in your home.

Light: Indirect bright light filled rooms

Watering: Water regularly and keep the soil fairly moist, but don't sit in water.

Note: Make sure this plant is kept away from draughts as this plant won't tolerate cooler temperatures.

  • Height 35cm Approx
  • Width 30cm Approx
  • Pot Size: 12cm
  • Pets & Children: Mildly toxic if ingested. Keep out of reach.