Hedera Helix Woerner Ivy Screen Instant Privacy Hedge
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Hedera Helix Woerner Instant Ivy Hedge Screen - 200cm

Hedera Helix Woerner Instant Ivy Hedge Screen - 200cm

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An evergreen alternative to traditional fencing, our Hedera Helix Woerner Ivy screens provide instant greenery  Hedera helix Woerner is a hardy dark green ivy with lush evergreen leaves creating all year round, green privacy screening. Hedera helix 'Woerner is a hardy species and is one of the most frost resistant and happy in partial or full shade, although it will also tolerate full sun.

Not only do our Hedera Helix green screens make an excellent privacy fence to designate a boundary, but they also help to improve the air quality by reducing pollution such as PM10 particles, meaning they are perfect for use in urban areas and near busy roads with high traffic . 

Our hedera helix woerner screens can be planted directly into the ground throughout the year except during frosty periods, or they can be planted straight into trough planters to use as contemporary screening. 

Size: 200cm High x 120cm Wide

If your looking for a greener alternative to wooden or metal fencing, some the benefits of Hedera Helix green screens include:

  • Instant privacy and greenery at 200cm tall
  • Ready to plant
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
  • Improves air quality by reducing PM10 
  • Stimulates biodiversity
  • Durable and attractive greenery
  • Helps to prevent graffiti in urban areas
  • Evergreen - Will stay green all year round

Depending on how you are planting your Hedera screens, you may also need posts and clips to fix to. Please see our Green Screen accessories.