LivePictureGo Wall Plant Frame For Plants by Mobilane
White MatNatural Bamboo Plant Wall Frame Live Picture GO by Mobilane
Living Palnt Wall Frame for biophilic homes and offices
White Matt Finish Biophilic Living Plant Wall Frame. Live Picture GO by Mobilane
LivePicture GO Plant Wall Frame - 52cm x 52cm
LivePicture GO in Matt white, black bamboo or natural bamboo  biophilic plant wall frames
LivePicture GO Plant Wall Frame - 52cm x 52cm
LivePicture GO Plant Wall Frame - 52cm x 52cm
LivePicture GO Plant Wall Frame - 52cm x 52cm

LivePicture GO Plant Wall Frame - 52cm x 52cm

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LivePicture GO Plant Frame is the perfect wall planter for living plants at home or at the office.

The award winning LivePicture GO is the smaller version of the LivePicture by Mobilane, with it's on trend minimalist design looks fantastic in any room, and with the innovative and patented capillary technology which sits inside the plant cassette, it keeps your LivePicture GO at the optimal level of moisture and your plants healthy. 

It's also made from bamboo fibres making it even more green! Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material and has a very low environmental impact in the manufacture of the Live Picture Go. Bamboo is biodegradable and it's 100% recyclable!

No power source is required to maintain your Mobilane LivePicture Go – you can simply refill the water tank manually.  The clever technology bit is integrated into the design meaning very little maintenance of your plants is required. The LivePicture GO empty indicator shows when the water tank needs to be filled. The tank holds enough to water the plants for two to four weeks.

  • Size: 52cm x 52cm x 11cm (L x H x D)
  • Colour: White, Natural Bamboo, Black / Charcoal Bamboo
  • Planting Ideas: Requires 6 plants - House plants, herbs, succulents, grasses
  • Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Hangs on the wall as easily as a picture
  • Easy integrated watering system
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect way to add greenery to homes, offices, school class rooms, reception areas etc
  • 2 litre hand-fillable water tank with an empty and full indicator. Works without electricity, drainage or water connection.
  • Manufactured by Mobilane
  • Plants not included

For indoor planting we recommend easy to care for plants such as Philodendron Scandens, Spider plants, Dracaena etc.