Live Picture Biophilic Living plant wall frames
Live Picture frame - Biophilic Living Plant Wall Picture 72cm
Live Picture 1 Plant Frame - 72cm x 72cm
Charcoal Live Picture frame - Biophilic Living Plant Wall Picture Frame 72cm
Live Picture 1 Silver Plant Wall Frame. Affordable small living wall system
Live Picture 1 Plant Wall Frame

Live Picture 1 Plant Frame - 72cm x 72cm

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Live Picture 1 plant wall frame. A wall planter solution for plants and herbs. 

The LivePicture 1 is our small plant frame option at 72cm x 72cm with 1x plant cassette which holds 9 plants. This particular size is perfect for the home and is a great way to add greenery to your interior. Use in the living room or dining room with air purifying plants, or use in the kitchen to grow your favourite herbs.

The frame includes an integrated easy watering system with reservoir which ensures the plants are provided with water for four to six weeks. The innovative patented construction requires no electric power. LivePicture can be easily and quickly mounted on any wall using just a few screws.

  • Size: 72cm x 72cm x 7cm
  • Colour: White, Silver or Charcoal
  • Planting Ideas: Requires 9 plants - House plants, herbs, succulents, grasses
  • Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Hangs on the wall as easily as a picture
  • Easy integrated watering system
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect way to add greenery to homes, offices, school class rooms etc
  • Provides vertical greenery taking up zero floor space
  • Biophilic design - plants increase well being, productivity and improve air quality
  • Hand-fillable water tank with an empty and full indicator. Works without electricity, drainage or water connection
  • Affordable small scale living wall